issue 23

Cargo drones, data-sharing platforms, Bluetooth-enabled tracking, automated robotic cargo handling initiatives… a new reader picking up this magazine might conclude air freight and airport cargo handling are dynamic, fast-paced, cutting-edge fields of development.
Well, all these things are happening, or at least being trialled, although I think it’s fair to say it may be some time before they become standard industry practice.

Nevertheless, as this issue of CAAS demonstrates, there is a lot going on among the industry’s frontrunners.

We hope you enjoy the issue.

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Featured in this issue

  • Cargo drones close to launch

    Remotely piloted unmanned air vehicles will be carrying freight loads of two tonnes or more within two years in parts of Africa and the US, although autonomous operations in most countries may still b...

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  • The French connection

    The merger of the former SCS France and GH Team Freight businesses to create France Cargo Handling, under Claudine Bonthoux’s direction, has created a real competitive cargo handling alternative, re...

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  • Infrastructure fit for today

    Recent strong growth, the demands of e-commerce customers and the expanding capabilities of the integrators present fresh challenges to traditional air freight operators, senior industry speakers tell...

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  • Air freight demand growth is here to stay

    Fears about a significant modal shift have been exaggerated, according to research by consultant McKinsey Global air freight demand growth of around 3-4% annually is here to stay, and fears about a s...

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  • Collaboration and transparency in the air logistics chain

    Several recent positive examples suggest that progress is finally being made, at least on a local level, reports Will Waters Air freight stakeholders have long talked about the need for collaboration...

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  • Building airport cargo communities

    Technology is beginning to solve some of the challenges associated with information sharing and building trust and co-operation between the various parties of the air freight chain, reports Will Water...

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  • Slow start for Heathrow CargoCloud

    Replicating the success of Brussels Airport’s data-sharing community initiatives at airports outside Belgium may be harder in practice than it might initially seem. But one way or another, solutions...

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  • The restocking boom

    Air freight experienced an exceptional year in 2017, but unsurprisingly, the rates of growth, especially the double-digit increases in the first half, have not been sustained, writes Will Waters As h...

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  • ULD tracking enters new phase

    Jettainer and Unilode are both moving forward with ‘game-changing’ Bluetooth-enabled technology, while Delta Cargo is extending visibility to off-airport customer facilities, reports Will Waters ...

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  • New Istanbul Airport prepares for full opening

    Most passenger flights and cargo bellyhold activities are scheduled to switch from Istanbul Atatürk Airport to Istanbul New Airport from January 2019 Most passenger flights and cargo bellyhold activ...

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