Winter 2015

issue 11

This issue of CAAS includes two conference reports, each pointing towards a future air cargo handling sector characterised by greater professionalism and standardisation. In the report on the Cool Chain Association (CCA)’s Pharma & BioSciences   Conference, participants highlight the value of IATA’s CEIVcompanies within the air logistics chain. This is a great credit to the sector and but also pioneers such as Brussels Airport and its cargo community.

And the CCA itself deserves credit, having highlighted the needon various occasions, and most notably to IATA during the 'CCA Pharmaceuticals in the Cool Chain’ conference in 2013 and the associated Air Cargo Handling Conference. This demonstrates thepotential of these kinds of events and also of collaborative and persistent attempts to move the air cargo handling sector forward.

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Featured in this issue

  • NORTH AMERICA REPORT: Paperless progress

    Carriers and cargo handlers in North America are placing greater emphasis on customer relations and paperless processes in what remains a difficult business environment, writes John McCurry As...

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  • COOL-CHAIN REPORT: CCA Pharma & BioSciences Conference

    Healthcare shippers and logistics providers often have different expectations and priorities, while those within the logistics chain also sometimes speak different ‘languages’. But these are align...

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  • AIRPORT FOCUS: Heathrow

    The UK’s biggest airport is finally taking cargo seriously, with a long-term strategy, a £180m upgrade, and a dedicated cargo manager with a mandate to lead, co-ordinate, and lobby on behalf of the...

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  • AIRPORT ANALYSIS: Top cargo airports report

    After an exceptionally strong start to the year that was buoyed by the US west coast ports disruptions, volumes have been relatively flat for many airports around the world, writes Will Waters Airpo...

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  • CONFERENCE REPORT: Air Cargo Handling 2015

    The 7th annual Air Cargo Handling Conference took place outside of Europe for the first time at the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok in September, hosted by Worldwide Flight Services and Bangkok Flight Ser...

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    In a volatile and consolidating freight forwarding landscape, C.H. Robinson has concentrated on offering solutions beyond the rates, president of global forwarding Mike Short tells Will Waters There...

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