Summer 2016

issue 13

In this issue you will find discussions about the latest thinking in automating and digitalising air freight bookings, the potential for robotics within air cargo handling, and the arrival of a brand-new air freight carrier technology: hybrid cargo airships. Along the way, there is also discussion about the positive role that air cargo transport can play - and how it can improve its performance - within two major growth areas: e-commerce shipment delivery and the transport of pharmaceuticals.

People within air freight often complain that this sector is not seen as interesting or ‘sexy’. Well, be careful what you wish for. It seems, at least, to be an area that is undergoing significant and interesting change. Blink and you may miss it!

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Featured in this issue

  • In a perfect world

    Shippers often talk about the need to modernise and automate air freight, but getting them to invest in links with forwarders isn’t always so easy, says Tim Scharwath, outgoing head of air logistics...

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  • Amazon: customer, predator, or saviour?

    Amid much speculation, the e-retail giant has unveiled two air network partnerships in the US, with ATSG and now Atlas Air. Stuart Todd and Will Waters investigate the extent of its air logistics ...

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  • Reasons to be cheerful

    Despite the multiple challenges and changes facing air cargo, Cathay Pacific’s Mark Sutch sees much cause for optimism, including growing opportunities from e-commerce, pharma, and perishables deman...

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  • Delivering the African opportunity

    The macroeconomics across the continent are impressive, but logistics is still lagging behind, writes Stuart Todd The macroeconomics across the African continent are impressive, and unlike matur...

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  • Getting better all the time

    CEIV Pharma certification for the group’s two main hubs and carriers frees Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo to concentrate on lane assessments and continuous improvement, writes Will Waters Complet...

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  • Robot revolution

    Airport cargo facility provider Airis International discusses the latest developments in cargo handling infrastructure, including the potential use of robotics in pallet and ULD building A major part...

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  • Flight of the Batmobile

    As the official air transport carrier of the ‘Batmobile’ as part of Turkish Airlines’ partnership with the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Turkish Cargo required a zero error margin b...

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  • Cargo airships prepare for take-off

    After many false starts and 20 years of development, the world’s first commercial cargo hybrid airship is set to launch in 2018 – with its first customer. So who is going to use it and what ar...

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