Spring 2016

issue 12

This issue’s ‘Outlook 2016’ report explores air cargo stakeholders’ expectations for this year, going well beyond their forecasts about the general market outlook and examining their predictions more broadly in diverse areas across the business, from automation of freight booking, to the role of drones in logistics, the involvement of ‘late arrival’ disruptors such as Amazon, to the latest developments with productivity initiatives such as e-Freight and Cargo 2000.

New technology also forms a significant part of these discussions, and this is explored in even greater detail in the separate ‘Technology in the warehouse’ report.

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Featured in this issue

  • OUTLOOK 2016: A tipping point

    By Will Waters Falling confidence in recent weeks expressed across international stock markets, particularly in banking stocks, seems to be as much about central banks’ experiments with negative...

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  • CHARTER MARKET FOCUS: The aviation consultants

    The facilities and capabilities of airports and handlers can be a major factor in air cargo charter routing decisions, Air Charter Service group commercial director Justin Lancaster tells Will Wa...

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  • PHARMA LOGISTICS: A network approach

    IATA’s CEIV Pharma programme is evolving from certification of individual cargo handling stations towards certified trade lanes and networks, writes Will Waters IATA’s certification initia...

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  • FORWARDER FOCUS: Pharma logistics

    Naomi Landman, director for commercial development at IJS Global GEFCO, discusses key developments expected in 2016 within the life-science supply chain The pharmaceutical industry is undergoin...

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  • TECHNOLOGY UPDATE: Wireless warehouse

    RFID and GPS technology looks set to be used more widely in warehouses in 2016, and processes perfected around it, believes Gautam Mandal, products head at Cargo Flash Infotech Significant recent t...

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  • REGIONAL REPORT: North America

    WFS acquisition of CAS set to transform US market North America’s air cargo handling landscape is set to be transformed this year when one of the world’s two dominant global air cargo handlers, W...

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  • REGIONAL REPORT: Middle East & Africa

    The Gulf states and their carriers are continuing to reap the benefits of improvements in their air cargo infrastructure and cargo management systems, providing a model for others in the region, w...

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  • SPECIAL CARGO: Live animal transport

    Growing demand and increasingly exacting customers and regulations are causing airlines, handlers, and airports to invest greater resources in better facilities and processes for live animal trans...

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  • AIRLINE INTERVIEW: Virgin Atlantic Cargo

    Building a genuine cargo joint venture requires time and commitment, says Virgin Atlantic Cargo’s senior vice president, John Lloyd Q. What have been the most important features of the last 1...

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  • AIRLINE PROFILE: Pegasus Cargo

    For a rapidly expanding low-cost carrier, Pegasus Airlines is unusually serious about cargo, reports Mike Bryan Unlike the majority of low-cost carriers (LCCs) around the world, Pegasus Airlines t...

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  • LOGISTICS REPORT: Agility Emerging Markets Index 2016

    Supply-chain executives’ concerns include China’s economic deceleration and oil price fluctuations, but the Agility/Ti Logistics Index highlights rising potential in India, UAE, Nigeria, Egypt, an...

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