Spring 2015

issue 8

There are some apparently very positive trends highlighted and discussed in this issue of CAAS, which is refreshing for a sector that often goes round in circles expressing frustrations about its lack of progress in various areas.

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Featured in this issue

  • Fueling air freight’s recovery

    Economic conditions showed considerable variation globally in 2014, but the environment for air freight demand was supportive overall, particularly for some regions and trades. Global freight tonne ki...

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  • Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah – CEO

    Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah is a Bahraini national with over 12 years of experience in the aviation industry. In his current capacity as CEO of Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), Mohamed is responsible for...

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  • Hard to handle

    Low-cost carriers’ competitive fare structures means they are always on the lookout for ancillary revenue streams, from scratch cards to discounted car hire. However, for most LCCs, especially in m...

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  • Under control

    Panalpina is something of an exception among air freight forwarders, operating a “controlled” air freight network for some of its capacity needs – including via long-term charter or “wet lease...

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  • Integrated business

    Despite the market’s continuing revival, analysis of the top US cargo airports confirms that it is a market dominated by integrator hubs and major international passenger airports, with few dedicate...

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  • Flexible working

    GSAs are a key part of the air freight market, but while the outsourcing of general sales and services has formed an important part of the development of the sector, what does their use mean for quali...

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  • Changing facilities

    Ronald Yeo, Senior Vice President, Cargo Services, SATS Cargo volumes for SATS Group, including our overseas joint ventures, declined 1.5% for the nine months ended December 2014. Cargo volumes for ou...

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  • Maintaining integrity

    Maintaining the integrity of a shipment of fruit or vegetables that needs to move quickly to market and avoid wide temperature fluctuations is essential. But the value, effectiveness, and safety of so...

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  • Lightening the load

    nitiatives by ULD and pallet manufacturers to reduce the weight of their products have brought a dividend for outsourcing specialist Jettainer, which announced in January that it has been certified to...

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  • Seeking global alignment

    Three issues in particular are attracting plenty of industry attention when it comes to air cargo security and the equipment necessary to help achieve it: the effectiveness of screening technology; th...

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