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It has been a challenging few months, and it seems likely that the global air freight market overall will remain flat at best in 2012. Compared with the strong first half of 2011, year-on-year figures are likely to show some significant declines this year, although those comparisons will improve in the second half of the year, and there are no signs of volumes dropping off a cliff the way they did in late 2008 and early 2009.

Air freight has become used to seasonal peaks and troughs, and most people will have learned further lessons from the 2008-2009 decline, in ways to build operational flexibility to manage slower periods. Or if not, they should have done… Managing volatility has become a key competitive tool, or survival tool.

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  • Slow progress on the ground

    Asia’s air freight and logistics sector has seen phenomenal growth, but international cargo handlers have found it difficult to achieve much presence or penetration. Will Waters investigates Asia...

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  • The third way

    Airlines, airports and handlers discuss the pros of cons of the EU’s proposed new Ground Handling Directive, and the key to healthy competition in cargo handling. Will Waters reports The Europe...

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  • Balancing act for BA

    The relocation of British Airways to Terminal 5 presented its cargo division with some major challenges, not least the limited space to park equipment, vehicles and cargo dollies. British Airwa...

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  • Going Dutch

    Enno Osinga, head of cargo at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, tells Will Waters how innovation and a holistic approach can dramatically streamline air cargo handling processes As a trading nation, the ...

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  • Cargo catches up

    Marcia MacLeod discovers a handling sector that has been transformed through IT in the last few years Anyone visiting a cargo handler’s premises even five years ago would most likely find many ...

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  • Livestock Management

    Every air cargo commodity presents its own particular operational challenges to airports, carriers and other logistics service providers. Few ‘commodities’, though, have more specialised handl...

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  • Hot and cold winds

    While parts of the Middle East remain troubled by political and economic uncertainty, much of Africa is experiencing a growth spurt, reports Phil Hastings Last year was a challenging one for parts of...

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  • The long view

    Sebastiaan Scholte,
CEO of Jan  de Rijk Logistics, discusses the opportunities and challenges for the air cargo and logistics sector arising from the changing global demographic and trade patterns ...

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  • Time for a change to the SGHA

    Transport law specialist Tommy Pilarp discusses issues of liability, arguing that IATA’s Standard Ground Handling Agreement needs to be revised, to bring greater clarity and better protection fo...

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