Summer 2018

issue 21

There are several technology-related themes running through this issue of CAAS that point to a convergence of factors that are bringing air freight towards a significantly different – and better – place, in terms of visibility, connectedness, productivity and overall efficiency.

As highlighted in the Delta Cargo interview, for example, there are several new initiatives involving the automated tracking of ULDs or shipments, using either GPS, RFID, or Bluetooth technology, that have either been launched, are being rolled out this year, or that are in promising phases of trials.

Meanwhile, as discussed in the ‘IT in the warehouse’ article, the data collected from early trials using these kinds of technologies has become far easier for all parties to store and analyse, via new internet-linked, cloud-based options.

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We hope you enjoy the issue.

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Featured in this issue

  • After the storm

    The cargo handling crisis at the end of last year has changed attitudes among Frankfurt Airport’s cargo community and presents an opportunity for significant process change, writes Will Waters &n...

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  • India pushes forward

    The country’s air freight infrastructure and processes remain inefficient by international standards, although dwell times are improving thanks to various government and private initiatives, rep...

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  • Oslo’s freighter boom

    Cargo volumes soared 36% in 2017 at Norway’s main airport and the number of all-cargo operators has gone from two to 10 in under two years. But its predominantly seafood export customers face rising...

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  • A big year

    Finnair Cargo’s new Helsinki hub facility went into full operation in January and is already bringing benefits. But its new IT environment requires high data quality, an area where many in the secto...

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  • Game changer

    Delta Cargo’s multi-year ‘transformation programme’ has brought many changes, and the opening last August of the carrier’s Cargo Control Centre has been key, vice president Shawn Cole tells Wi...

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  • Changi’s freight renaissance

    After a decade of stagnation, Singapore’s air freight traffic has revived, in part thanks to intelligent airport governance and investment, Mike King reports While Singapore’s Changi Airpor...

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  • Optimising the end-to-end journey

    Leading air freight executives from across the sector identify recent progress, opportunities and priorities for further streamlining the air logistics chain. Will Waters reports One of the highlig...

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  • Blocked bookings

    Several top air freight forwarders are now rolling out end-to-end digital offerings, as they bid to meet the needs of SME shippers – and see off the threat from digitally driven ‘disruptors’, re...

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  • Unimagined benefits

    New monitoring and tracking technology combined with machine learning and analytics will bring unexpected cost advantages to air cargo handlers, as early trials are already demonstrating, Hermes’ ne...

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