Autumn 2016

issue 14

Much talk continues to focus on the potential for ‘disruption’ within air freight and logistics, and this issue includes a discussion (page 4) on the possible impact of technological advances such as 3-D printing and advanced robotics – and their potential to ‘bring manufacturing home’.

This issue also explores the new potential of Iran following the lifting of UN nuclear-related sanctions this year; future developments in air cargo hubs of the future; what persuaded Air Canada Cargo to return to the all-cargo business this year; and some the latest developments in air freight technology and processes

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Featured in this issue

  • Disruptive influence

    Will robots bring manufacturing home? Stuart Todd investigates the potential impact on air logistics of technological advances such as 3-D printing and robotics During a discussion this summer wi...

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  • Positive momentum

    While other airlines are reducing their exposure to large widebody freighters, AirBridgeCargo recently confirmed an order for 20 B747–8Fs. So, what does ABC know that others don’t? Will Waters a...

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  • Persian promise

    The easing of economic sanctions on Iran this year potentially opens a major new air freight market. But there are still significant challenges to overcome, writes Mike Bryant In July last year, ...

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  • Air cargo hubs of the future

    Greater collaboration and closer integration of IT with physical handling systems will be key, along with meeting growing demands from e-commerce and security, writes Phil Hastings Republished c...

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  • Back to the freighters

    What persuaded Air Canada Cargo to return to the all-cargo business this year, and how is it working out? Will Waters asks its vice president, Lise-Marie Turpin Air Canada Cargo in June returne...

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  • Cargo iQ and its ‘smart data’ revolution

    The re-launched Cargo 2000 air freight quality initiative promises to generate 110 million lines of performance data annually, potentially transforming the sector. But will it deliver? Will Waters i...

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  • Understanding Ericsson’s ‘Airfreight Data Backbone’

    Frustrated shipper turned air cargo solutions provider, Robert Mellin, explains his company’s project to provide end-to-end visibility from shipper to consignee After spending many years as a fru...

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  • Life after TNT

    The sale of the airport’s biggest customer to FedEx has raised some questions over the role Liege will play as a hub within an expanded FedEx European air network. But diversification over the l...

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