Issue date 1 October 2013
issue number 5

Following a bleak period, there are some positive messages in this issue of Cargo Airports & Services, both in terms of the economic outlook and developments within the air cargo handling sector. While the Top Cargo Airports Report underlines some of the challenges the sector has faced in the past couple of years, there are some positive indicators in the Outlook 2014 article on pages 14-18, with the US economy firming up and the Eurozone finally coming out of recession.
The Handling Perspectives article on pages 26-30 highlights some substantial progress apparently being made towards improvements and harmonisation of quality standards, both within multinationals and potentially for the sector as a whole. Some of the work being done in this area by COAG will be presented at the Air Cargo Handling Conference in September, and it will be interesting to see how it is received by the wider air cargo handling sector.