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Following a bleak period, there are some positive messages in this issue of Cargo Airports & Services, both in terms of the economic outlook and developments within the air cargo handling sector. While the Top Cargo Airports Report underlines some of the challenges the sector has faced in the past couple of years, there are some positive indicators in the Outlook 2014 article on pages 14-18, with the US economy firming up and the Eurozone finally coming out of recession.
The Handling Perspectives article on pages 26-30 highlights some substantial progress apparently being made towards improvements and harmonisation of quality standards, both within multinationals and potentially for the sector as a whole. Some of the work being done in this area by COAG will be presented at the Air Cargo Handling Conference in September, and it will be interesting to see how it is received by the wider air cargo handling sector.

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  • Top 100 – Airport spotlight

    Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG): 2.150 million tonnes (-6.5%, 8th) At the end of last year, Aéroports de Paris (ADP) delivered a new multi-user cargo facility with direct airside and parking...

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  • A smoother ride ahead

    With the US economy showing continued growth and the Eurozone coming out of recession, air cargo could return to modest growth next year, writes Will Waters The latest economic figures from the U...

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  • Cutting the slack

    Rene de Koning, chief commercial officer for forwarding and logistics group IJS Global, describes how some customer, compliance and regulatory changes may offer potential airport cargo handling effici...

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  • A ‘revolution’ in quality

    Airlines have long complained about the difficulty finding consistent cargo handling standards worldwide. But is this finally changing? asks Will Waters It has become almost a joke in the air cargo...

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  • The customised approach

    While there may be a growing threat from the multinationals, LUG aircargo handling MD Patrik Tschirch highlights some of the many opportunities still out there for independents   The carg...

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  • Staying cool in a crisis

    Some Latin American economies may have slowed in recent months, but airports in South and North America have continued to build their cargo capabilities to serve its emerging markets, reports Rainbow ...

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  • In an ideal world

    Industry representatives have identified a new model for the airport cargo handling environment of the future, reports Will Waters   Contributors to a debate on how to create the perfect airport c...

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  • Transformation process

    Applying ‘lean’ principles and C2K measurements can lead to significant productivity improvements for an airline’s in-house and outsourced handling, explains Thilo Schäfer, head of global hand...

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  • Gulf competition heats up

    The construction frenzy continues at the region’s airports as they try to keep pace with their ultra-ambitious home carriers, which continue to expand despite flat-lining worldwide cargo volumes. W...

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  • The right medicine

    As pharma business continues to grow, airports around the world are adapting their facilities and engaging with customers in order to attract more of this healthy cargo, writes Will Waters Pharma...

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  • New dedicated Pharma & Healthcare Hub in Luxembourg

    The handling of pharmaceuticals requires particular attention. An increasing amount of regulation brings  extra demands for the handling of temperature sensitive cargo. LuxairCARGO has prepared the f...

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  • The next level

    Air Cargo Handling (ACH) Conference 2013 strengthens its solution-focused approach thanks to new ties with COAG The Air Cargo Handling (ACH) Conference 2013 takes place from 25th-27th September in th...

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