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Welcome to the first edition of Cargo Airports & Services, which is a sister magazine to Airport Ground Services. As the name suggests, the magazine will focus primarily on cargo activities at and around airports, covering everything from airport strategy to cargo handling sheds and the equipment inside them, and the freight forwarding facilities and logistics parks nearby – as well as, of course, the people who work in them. We will also look upstream too, at key challenges for airlines and forwarders, in order to understand the context for some of the cargo decisions affecting the airport environment.
Among the features in this launch issue, we are pleased to publish, in partnership with Airports Council International, ACI’s official Top 100 Cargo Airports listing for 2010. Things move on extraordinarily quickly in air cargo these days, and in some ways those double-digit growth figures from 2010 – or more accurately ‘recovery’ figures – may seem to some like a distant memory. But it is always worth reviewing the past, in order to better understand the present and the future.

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Featured in this issue

  • Trouble on the tarmac

    Ground handlers at Brussels Airport have been locked in a complicated and bitter dispute since June over the awarding of the main handling licences at the airport, and the legality of the tender proce...

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  • Progress but little harmony

    Air cargo security has come a long way since 9/11, but airports, airlines and their customers still crave clarity and consistency internationally, Martin Roebuck discovers Countries that are adopti...

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  • Ten years later

    Brandon Fried, executive director of the Airforwarders Association, takes a look at aviation security changes since 9/11 As the fires spread in Washington DC and New York City the morning of Septem...

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  • Recipe for success

    Will Waters asks cargo airlines and freight forwarders about their choices of stations and what makes a cargo airport attractive. The development of a cargo airport often seems a chicken-and-egg si...

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  • Rise and fall of the aerotropolis

    A variety of airport operators – often representing former airline hubs, closed military bases and chronically poor communities – have attempted to reshape their lack of existing air traffic activ...

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  • Celebi Cargo lives technology

    Celebi Cargo has opened its first Western European cargo handling facility in Cargo City South, Frankfurt Airport, and appointed Heath White Chief Executive Officer of Celebi Cargo GmbH. He tells Jo M...

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  • Pharmaceuticals prove to be a healthy business

    While Asia’s leading airports compete for the more voluminous perishable cargo such as foodstuffs and flowers, volumes of shipments from the often higher-yielding pharmaceutical sector are also incr...

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  • Airport Q&A

    As airports in China and south-east Asia up their game, and airlines develop more and more direct intercontinental services to and from the region, and does Singapore still have the competitive advant...

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  • One-man crusade

    John Batten, executive VP of Swissport Cargo, talks to Will Waters about continuous improvement, e-freight, Cargo 2000, and beyond Swissport’s charismatic head of cargo, John Batten, is a straigh...

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  • New strings to Budapest’s bow

    Budapest Airport (BUD) has ambitious plans for cargo. The old cargo facility is being relegated to the annals of history and a brand new sparkling facility is replacing it. Dubbed Cargo City, BUD is p...

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