Outlook 2022 Report: Introduction

posted on 17th March 2022
Outlook 2022 Report: Introduction

As in previous years, CAAS asked a small number of selected people and organisations involved in the international air freight sector to contribute to the ‘Outlook 2022’ report, reflecting on the experiences of another extraordinary year in 2021 and sharing some of their expectations for 2022.
In a slight change to previous versions of the Outlook report, this year some of the contributors responded to a set of specific questions – for example, about what they have been doing to improve air freight operational efficiency, processes and communications, and what they plan to do this year – while others took a more free-form, narrative approach. The result is a rich variety of analyses and reflections that I think you will find an interesting and worthwhile read. As ever, we are grateful for their thoughtful contributions.
Please note that all of these contributions and analyses were generated before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.