More competition for every shipment

posted on 8th March 2023
More competition for every shipment

Ismail Durmaz, CEO of Global GSA Group, expects a slow start to the year, but is hopeful that the second half will see recovery

Market expectations
It’s going to be a difficult year, and the entire industry agrees. Yields are falling, capacity is rising and economic growth is slowing in line with inflation, which has a direct impact on demand. Added to these factors is the uncertainty of potential new challenges that will emerge in the coming months. We therefore expect a slow start for the first half of the year. Hopefully, the second half will see recovery.
The market is even more competitive for every kg and every shipment. The main challenge is, therefore, to maintain good and constant load factors. But with each challenge often comes opportunities that must be seized. The role of GSAs is becoming more dominant and can make a difference to airline success. This may encourage airlines with their own structures to change their model and move to GSA models: airlines will surely review their P&L to reduce fixed costs, for example. 2023 will be an opportunity for Global GSA to demonstrate that our slogan, ‘Make the impossible possible’, is even more relevant.

The role of new and emerging technologies
Technology will play a key role in this new environment, helping to smoothen the whole logistic chain. The challenges it helps to address are numerous: developing digital communication, improving pallet construction efficiency, making the industry more transparent, and shortening the supply chain. Aware of this, Global GSA is investing in tech solutions in order to provide its customers with the best tools and means to overcome this difficult period in the best conditions. Announcements will be made in the near future.
At Global GSA, we believe that technology solutions are a fundamental answer. As our industry slowly begins to realise this, we invite all stakeholders to invest in technology. It will have a direct impact on their efficiency. Digital data transfer tools will also enable better cooperation because they will have an effect on the fluidity of communications. One of the most important aspects for the coming period.

Improving efficiency and processes
Improving efficiency requires investment in technology. To this end, we have invested in leading technology tools through CargoTech, a leading developer of software specifically designed for the needs and challenges of the air cargo industry. Thanks to their portfolio of tools, we have not only made our internal processes smoother, but we have also been able to provide our airline partners with valuable data and operational solutions. We will continue our cooperation with CargoTech, and have recently started to adapt with them the current tools to our specific needs.