Extraordinary times

posted on 4th March 2021
Extraordinary times

Selected international air freight stakeholders from across the sector share their reflections and expectations for 2021

2020 was quite some extraordinary year, and one that I am fairly sure none of us predicted…

And despite the vastly greater knowledge most of us now have of the characteristics of a coronavirus and a global pandemic, its effects on the airline and air freight sectors, and the various vaccine types that may help protect us against it – not to mention the nature of a lockdown, or several – we are still in a situation of much uncertainty and volatility.

Nevertheless, that should not stop us trying to anticipate what may happen next so that we can prepare as well as possible for what lies ahead. To some extent, that inevitably involves reflecting upon some of the events, changes, features and patterns that have emerged or developed during the last year for the air cargo community, and particularly in the latter months – what lessons have been learned, and how these elements might develop in 2021 and beyond.

As in previous years, Cargo Airports & Airline Services (CAAS) has asked a small number of selected stakeholders involved in the international air freight sector about their reflections on recent months and their expectations for the coming year. And given the undoubted difficulties – and caveats – we are particularly grateful to those that took on the challenge…