Energised air logistics environment

posted on 16th June 2022
Energised air logistics environment

Andy Faes, regional manager healthcare vertical Europe at US-based Expeditors, says that during the pandemic, the logistics company invested further in temperature-controlled facilities, training and processes globally – including improved lane risk assessments carried out with its service providers to mitigate risks across the supply chain.
Summing up how the air freight industry has changed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Faes says that each link in the supply chain redoubled its efforts, while increased collaboration with shippers has become a feature of pharma logistics. “Air logistics really picked up the baton and delivered the necessary services during dire times,” he says.

Increased flexibility
“The industry displayed increased flexibility, added additional freighter capacity, turned passenger aircraft into freighters, showed robust quality management, and huddled up with the shipper looking for solutions to get PPE, equipment, vaccines, tests, devices etc to patients across the world.
“This has really boosted and energised the air logistics environment, making sure more and more players get certified, increase visibility and the needed risk assessments – which is music to my ears and great news for the patients at the end of the logistics chain.”