Commendable progress in cargo infrastructure

posted on 14th September 2023
Commendable progress in cargo infrastructure

Digitalisation initiatives in the MENAT (Middle East, North Africa and Turkey) and Africa regions “have been making remarkable progress, revolutionising the air cargo industry”, highlights Saudia Cargo’s Mansour Alasmi.
“In the MENAT region, e-AWB implementation has been widely adopted. Currently, we have achieved an impressive 90% e-AWB compliance rate, reflecting our commitment to embracing digital advancements. Nonetheless, we continue to strive for more digital improvements.
“In Africa, Saudia Cargo has successfully implemented e-AWB at our current online stations, including NBO, ADD, KAN, MRU, and DAR. We are actively working on additional initiatives, seeking innovative solutions that elevate our operational capabilities.”
He says in the MENAT region, there are no current issues in terms of airport congestion or strains on cargo handling due to staffing challenges or any other factors, and the same is broadly true in Africa. But there are some longer-term challenges with cargo infrastructure and processes.
“In MENAT, the key countries and cities with adequate infrastructure, including DXB, IST, CAI, DOH, BAH, KWI, MCT, AMM, TUN, CMN, have made significant strides in developing and expanding their cargo infrastructure over the past several years. KSA is also another key country that boasts existing infrastructure with remarkable expansion in recent times. While these key countries have made commendable progress, some longer-term challenges with cargo infrastructure and processes still exist in certain regions. Addressing these challenges requires continued collaboration between the public and private sectors, strategic investments in infrastructure, and process optimisation. Regular reviews and adjustments to existing processes are essential to ensure operational efficiency and cater to changing demands.”
Alasmi continues: “In Africa, our current online origin stations, NBO, ADD, KAN, MRU, DAR, have established adequate cargo infrastructure to support air cargo operations. Similar to other regions, continuous reviews and improvements in processes are undertaken to ensure seamless operations and enhance service levels.
“As for significant new cargo infrastructure developments, stakeholders in the MENAT region and Africa continue to explore opportunities to expand and modernise their cargo facilities. These developments aim to meet the growing demands of the air cargo industry, support the region’s economic growth, and enhance its status as a vital player in the global logistics landscape. By proactively addressing challenges, investing in modern infrastructure, and promoting process optimization, the MENAT region and Africa can further strengthen cargo capabilities, effectively meet customer needs, and position themselves as competitive players in the global air cargo market.”