Adapting to the ups and down of the market

posted on 8th March 2023
Adapting to the ups and down of the market

Chapman Freeborn sees itself as a niche player in the global air freight market that has diversified its business to smooth the regular ups and down of the market, says Reto Hunziker, president of the air charter broker’s Europe region

What are your expectations about how the market, or your main areas of business will develop in 2023?
The Chapman Freeborn Group is very much a niche player in the global air freight market. We have diversified our business to the point that we are not so heavily affected by the now regular ups and down of the market.
The outlook for 2023 is very much the same for us as everyone else in the industry and will be subject to the ongoing volatility of the global economy. Saying that, we are very upbeat and positive about our own group’s business strategy, continued growth plans, and added-value offerings to our global customers.

What challenges and opportunities do you anticipate, and how do you plan to respond to these?
The Chapman Freeborn Group is celebrating 50 years in the aviation industry this year. We have, like many companies, gone through major changes in how we do business. The challenges we have faced and continue to face over all these years have taught us to be flexible, creative, and not to fear investing in new ideas, particularly when others are. So, going forward nothing will change; 2023 will be business as usual.

What role will new and emerging technologies play?
I believe that the industry is moving very fast and new technology means more effectivity and efficiencies that, at the end of the day, will make using air freight in general faster, easier, and more attractive for shippers globally. Everyone in the air freight chain will benefit from cohesive and simple processes fueled by ongoing technology development. I would add, however, that technology cannot replace certain specific human knowledge and experience that is vital to ensure success. Behind great technology you need great people to support it and understand it.

How can you and other stakeholders in the air freight supply chain work more effectively in 2023 (and beyond) to streamline cargo operational processes and improve cooperation across the air logistics chain?
This is a tough question. With so many different stake holders with so many P&L’s and with so much market volatility, it really is difficult to bring everyone together. The quest to achieve better processes and improve cooperation should however always be the goal in the interest of the final customer – the shippers.