A volatile business

posted on 17th March 2022
A volatile business

Frankfurt Airport’s latest efforts to make cargo handling processes more efficient include the launch of the ‘FRA-OS’ data exchange platform for inbound processes, highlights Pierre Dominique Prümm, executive director of aviation and infrastructure at Fraport

The cargo industry is looking back at another challenging year – characterised by continuously high freight volumes. In Frankfurt, we have never handled as much cargo in a single year as we did in 2021. This new record underscores Frankfurt Airport’s role as one of the leading freight hubs in Europe.
However, this high volume also presented a number of challenges to us and the entire cargo community based in Frankfurt. Global logistics chains were disrupted by the effects of the pandemic. At the same time, demand – especially for medical goods and articles from the area of e-commerce – was high. All players involved in air freight felt the effects of this, not only in Frankfurt but also at many other major European hubs.
The trend towards a very volatile business with marked differences in demand will persist for some time yet. We expect that this will continue to require the greatest possible degree of flexibility from all partners along the supply chain during the first half of 2022 at least. The dynamic start to the new year confirms this assumption.
This makes it all the more important to further intensify our open and transparent exchange within the cargo community. Our common goal is to ensure smooth and reliable freight processes at all times and for all partners. Close cooperation and mutual support are paramount for achieving this goal. This is why we want to further strengthen the cargo community here in Frankfurt.
Furthermore, our approach is to make handling processes more efficient by means of digital solutions. We have already taken our first step in this direction with the launch of the ‘FRA-OS’ data exchange platform for inbound processes. We will continuously expand this tool during 2022 and onwards to enable its use for other processes beyond the import of goods.
We will also continue to enhance and develop FRA’s infrastructure with a focus on sustainability and our customers in mind. Our measures will include the inauguration of a new truck parking lot at CargoCity South, among other things.
We are taking an optimistic look at the new year ahead. Even if the pandemic continues to cause uncertainties, we remain confident that our lives will further return to normal during 2022 – with more people making plans for their holidays. This will have a positive impact both on passenger traffic and cargo. And Frankfurt Airport will play a significant role in this development.