IMC CAREERS Announce New Career Initiative for Air Cargo

posted on 18th February 2020 by Eddie Saunders

IMC CAREERS launches a new project which will encourage and help young talented people to seek careers in the air cargo industry. Michael Sales, air cargo marketing specialist, with strong support from Sebastiaan Scholte, believes passionately that if young people, especially students and school leavers, had more knowledge about this fascinating business, they would want to be involved.

I have worked with a wide range of air cargo companies for over 20 years”, explains Michael Sales,

during that time many people have said how much they need to attract a new generation with fresh ideas to make their own companies and the overall industry more competitive. I have published several successful books on the subject which have been well received by universities, but I still feel there is a serious lack of awareness about air cargo, which offers so many fascinating and rewarding careers. We are aiming to attract them to this wonderful business, which has been hidden for so many years. I am extremely grateful to Sebastiaan for his support and encouragement, his knowledge and experience are invaluable.”  

Sebastiaan Scholte commentsWhen I was at TIACA, we already started initiatives to help promote young people. In order to remain sustainable, we need to attract and retain talent. IMC Careers has created a website and video showing the attractions of our industry for young enthusiastic people where we will feature several sponsors from the air cargo supply chain. The campaign will be distributed through the regular and social media, universities and schools.

Universities complain that they cannot provide interesting internships, projects and even jobs for their student base, whereas companies are struggling to attract young talent. The website will be the interface where this apparent mismatch between demand and supply for jobs, internships & projects will be solved. Initially we will focus on the air cargo industry and at a later stage we will expand to other modalities in logistics. I am thrilled to provide support and advice to Michael Sales, who has extensive experience and who will surely make this project a success!”

Air cargo needs new ideas and fresh energy from a new generation of active entrepreneurs with technical skills and ambition. We hope sincerely that the industry will support and sponsor this project and make it a continuing success and improve public awareness about this unique and vital industry.” – Michael Sales & Sebastiaan Scholte