Heathrow’s precious cargo – over 30,000 tonnes of toys, blankets and baby milk take-off each year

posted on 29th April 2019 by Justin Burns

Heathrow Airport has revealed that over 30,000 metric tonnes of baby related items made their way through the UK hub over the past year.

Baby clothes topped the list with 10,398 tonnes of bibs and baby grows taking off from the UK to shopfronts the world over.

Mothers across the globe were well stocked on baby food, formula and vitamins after 8,220 metric tonnes of provisions were flown from Heathrow to markets further afield. Other top children’s commodities include toys, blankets, furniture, baskets and nappies.

The top destinations for the UK’s exports are China, Hong Kong Australia, the USA and Qatar.

Most of these items (94 per cent) travelled in the belly hold of the same commercial planes that carry holidaymakers and business-travellers alike to various destinations across the globe.

Heathrow Airport head of cargo, Nick Platts said: “All the aircraft flying through our airport carry precious cargo of some description – families travelling to welcome new members and cargo essentials for new parents, such as bassinettes, prams and baby food.

“It’s great to see so much interest in the arrival of the youngest member of the royal family. Of course, all my colleagues are hard at work making every arrival feel special and we’re focused on Heathrow playing our part as one of the UK’s largest ports, helping goods make their way across the globe.”