GACA Defines Security Measures for Air Cargo Companies

posted on 23rd October 2019 by Eddie Saunders
GACA Defines Security Measures for Air Cargo Companies

The General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA) has conducted a two-day workshop entitled “Sustaining Security Procedures for Air Cargo Companies”. GACA’s officials attended the workshop, along with air cargo companies accredited in the Kingdom, in addition to the participation of several government security agencies operating at airports throughout the Kingdom. The workshop took place yesterday at the Marriott Hotel at King Khalid International Airport in the capital city of Riyadh.

The two-day workshop, sponsored by Riyadh Airports Company, aim to shed the light on security and handling procedures for transporting hazardous materials through airports. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to develop solutions and recommendations to implement corrective measures to ensure compliance with them as required.

The workshop shed the light on the security procedures in the field of airports air cargo, and the latest emerging technical security measures in international airports. This is in addition, to latest solutions reached by international specialized companies in the field of air cargo security, and rapid developments related to air cargo security, methods, and ways of implementing them throughout the Kingdom’s airports.

The workshop addressed several topics, which included, the developments of air cargo security that include security inspection and control, the “Washaj Platform” and its role in contributing to the development and monitoring of performance. Furthermore, the workshop dealt with the mechanism of dealing with hazardous materials through the standards of ground services and the most basic requirements related to it.

The accredited Cargo Companies must comply with the requirements, in accordance with international laws and regulations. This is in addition to discussing, reviewing and introducing the “Air Freight Security Regulations” and went on to highlight the new updates that occurred in the air cargo security system.

The workshop also addressed the tasks and procedures of “the security inspection in the air cargo building” by airport’s security authorities. In addition to their procedures utilized to inspect cargoes, and the role and functions of the handling companies, which are the concern of Saudia Cargo.

This is achieved by the implementation of security management systems and legislation and procedures of acceptance, control and response to emergencies; in addition to a review of the most important tasks and work of “Riyadh Airports Company”, which is in coordination with the agencies of the accredited air cargo companies to acquaint them with the necessary procedures in contributing to the reduction of time and effort, and “the requirements for training and licensing in air cargo security”.

This workshop comes as a continuation of GACA’s endeavor to spread a security culture, enhance human capabilities, and improve prevention and quality assurance. This is in addition to raising the level of skills, exchanging expertise and improving performance and services provided, especially with regard to security measures related to air cargo. This is a matter of great importance to the GACA, represented by the Aviation Security Sector.