FreightWaves introduces new Tender Volume, Air Cargo and Weather data into SONAR

posted on 7th October 2019 by Eddie Saunders
FreightWaves introduces new Tender Volume, Air Cargo and Weather data into SONAR

FreightWaves adds more depth and market insight to the existing tender volume and air freight data, along with new weather forecasting details, in its SONAR platform.

SONAR’s Tender Volume Index is based on the volume of accepted tender volumes on a given day. The data is updated daily and is organized by inbound (ITVI) and outbound (OTVI) volumes for the U.S. and regional market granularity. Existing tender volume data is being enhanced to now include the following granularities:

  • Length of haul volumes
  • Equipment type volumes
  • Region to region volumes

Length of haul volumes will give insight into what type of volumes are moving through the U.S. and Canadian freight markets as not all loads are created equal. Longer length of haul has a greater impact on regional capacity than the lower mileage loads. It also gives insight into how freight patterns are changing and allows carriers to design networks more effectively. They are divided into the following distance bands, which will be offered at a national and market level:

  • Local – 0-99 miles – COTVI
  • Short – 100-250 miles – SOTVI
  • Mid – 251-450 miles – MOTVI
  • Tweener – 451-800 miles – TOTVI
  • Long – 801+ miles – LOTVI

Equipment type volumes for both reefer (ROTVI) and dry van (VOTVI) loads will also be offered at a national and market level granularity better enabling SONAR users to see what type of demand is driving the fluctuations in market capacity.

Region to region volumes will now also be offered by equipment type and length of haul organizations enabling the user to see where volumes are moving at a high level. 

FreightWaves is enhancing its air cargo data for SONAR users with data on cargo revenues produced by U.S. passenger and freighter airlines. Data is updated quarterly, covering total airline cargo revenues with breakdowns for freight, mail, and cargo charters. All of this is further available geographically for the revenues generated on flights in the U.S. domestic, Atlantic, Pacific, and Latin regions. 

SONAR tickers covering air cargo revenue include

  • AIRMAIL – airmail revenue
  • AIRFREIGHT – air freight revenue
  • AIRSCH – scheduled airline revenue (sum of AIRMAIL and AIRFREIGHT)
  • AIRCHTR – cargo charter revenue
  • AIRREV – total airline revenue (sum of AIRSCH and AIRCHTR)

The data goes back 20 years and allows users to compare revenue performance over time of individual air carriers, carriers’ groupings, geographic regions and cargo products. The data is reported in USD 000s.