Envirotainer supports Canadian biopharmaceutical distribution

posted on 24th October 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Envirotainer supports Canadian biopharmaceutical distribution

Envirotainer, the specialist in temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical shipments, has invested in two key upgrades in Canada.

These improvements support the rapidly expanding biopharmaceutical market in the country, strengthening secure pharmaceutical transportation in Canada and beyond.

The company’s Montreal station (YUL) is now fully equipped to handle its Releye® containers. Customers can now release their orders directly from the station and make returns with greater efficiency, reducing risks associated with delays. This investment makes YUL one of the 40+ global stations supporting Releye®.

Adding to the YUL upgrade, Envirotainer has also moved to a larger ground handling facility in Toronto (YYZ). This new facility increases storage capabilities by 40 percent, and is fine-tuned to speed up container charging, an essential feature for the Releye® platform.

Niklas Adamsson, Chief Operating Officer at Envirotainer, said, “This investment demonstrates our commitment to making global pharmaceutical access a reality and supporting Canada’s growing biopharmaceutical sector.

“We believe these enhancements not only extend the reach of Envirotainer’s solutions but also equip our customers with cutting-edge tools to serve their clients better.”

Carolyn Van Vliet, Strategic Account Manager for Canada at Envirotainer, added, “We take great pride in serving our customers in Canada’s thriving biopharmaceutical ecosystem as they drive innovation and excellence within the industry.

“These improvements at Montreal and Toronto enables us to better support the needs of our customers while ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of life-saving biopharmaceuticals worldwide.”

Canada holds a 2.1% share of the global pharmaceutical market, making it the 9th largest worldwide.i The country places significant emphasis on innovative medicines, generic pharmaceuticals, and extensive R&D initiatives. This growing sector highlights the need for reliable cold chain solutions like the Releye® platform.