Emirates SkyCargo keeps the Ecuadorian flowers blooming

posted on 5th December 2018 by Justin Burns
Emirates SkyCargo keeps the Ecuadorian flowers blooming

Emirates SkyCargo has been exporting Ecuadorian roses as well as other flowers through its freighter operations to Quito over the last five years and said last year 12,500 tonnes of fresh flowers were flown from Quito.

The carrier now operates a Boeing 777 Freighter four times a week from the capital of Ecuador after starting the service in December 2013 with a once a week service.

Other perishables mostly fruits are also flown and since it started freighter flights it has exported over 50,000 tonnes of Ecuadorian exports from Quito. Fresh flowers including roses form the bulk of export commodities transported.

More recently though, Emirates SkyCargo has also helped promote the growth of exports of perishables such as mangoes and baby bananas from Ecuador to markets such as Germany, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Singapore.

With its global network of over 155 destinations, the cargo carrier facilitates the development of new export opportunities and makes an important contribution to the local economy in Ecuador where more than 100,000 people are dependent on the floriculture sector.

Emirates SkyCargo offerers cargo capacity on its fleet of 270 aircraft which also includes 14 freighter – 13 Boeing 777Fs and one Boeing 747F.