EgyptAir takes re-delivery of 2nd A330-200P2F

posted on 4th February 2019 by Justin Burns
EgyptAir takes re-delivery of 2nd A330-200P2F

EgyptAir Cargo has flown its second passenger-to-freighter (P2F) converted Airbus A330-200 (MSN709) from Dresden (Germany) to Cairo (Egypt).

The 13-year-old aircraft was converted by EFW during the 2nd half of 2018. Ground tests and acceptance procedures were finished on 31 January 2019.

With use of its new freighter aircraft EgyptAir Cargo will replace its previous A300-600P2F freighter generation and upgrade and modernise its cargo capabilities using the A330-200P2F’s enhanced range, volume and payload characteristics.

EFW said it is happy to have performed its 4th A330 conversion after successful STC approval at the end of 2017 on the A330-300P2F for launch customer DHL, whereas the STC for the A330-200P2F was just released in mid of 2018 for launch customer Egyptair Cargo.

EFS added: “At the same time this event marks the slot-in for the 3rd aircraft of this kind: In parallel to MSN709’s final cleaning and hand-over procedures its sister ship MSN610 has already gone thru paint stripping and systems removal. And all this happened silently and somehow feeling as normal as EFW’s 200 previous conversions before.”