Doug Brittin joins SASI World, Ex head of TSA and TIACA

posted on 11th August 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Doug Brittin

Stan Wraight, President and CEO of SASI World, has announced the appointment of Doug Brittin to the position of Vice President, Aviation Security Practice.

Stan Wraight stated “ After over a year of working together with Doug on our Airport Security programs and collaboration with Doug on producing an extensive whitepaper for airports and other interested stakeholders such as airlines which we will release shortly, I am so pleased that he has agreed to join our team.”

Doug also noted that he is joining SASI World, in acknowledgement that what their team were achieving for the extensive client base and industry associations such as the U.N. and ICAO that they work with, he feels his contribution can add so much value to the SASI World objectives added:

“SASI is the leader in providing a wide range of solutions and guidance to our industry on a global basis. I’m pleased to be a part of this team of experts, with a new focus on the critical security issues which are so important to a safe and healthy aviation environment.”