Des Vertannes gives thoughts on “critical” ACHL conference

posted on 6th February 2020 by William Hayes
Des Vertannes gives thoughts on “critical” ACHL conference

The International Air Cargo Handling Logistics (ACHL) Conference event chairman Des Vertannes has spoken to CAAS about what he calls “a critical conference for air cargo handling logistics.”

The air cargo veteran and former IATA head of cargo stated his belief that air cargo today is the most vital supply chain that preserves and sustains human life.

“It’s a critical lifeline to tackling humanitarian disasters on a global scale, and it’s also, for me, a mechanism that catalyses global trade and facilitates e-commerce,” said Vertannes.

Event chairman Des Vertannes

“So as we enter this new decade, the future roles of airports, ground handlers, freight forwarders/logistics companies, airlines, postal authorities, integrators, and all their supporting service partners – I refer to GSAs, GHAs, IT companies, Road Feeder service companies – will change dramatically or evolve dramatically to improve their value proposition.”

The ACHL conference this year is looking to attract all the key associations that represent these partners. They and all the major air cargo players will come together to discuss how the industry must improve and do better in the next decade.

“The goal of the conference is to establish a set of priorities or goals that all partners in the supply chain agree to adopt and pursue,” said Vertannes.

September’s conference will see numerous topics discussed, including how we build or establish a data pathway that makes it simpler for shippers and importers to expedite distribution of their goods and satisfy all regulatory and security requirements.

Another session will focus on the sustainability challenge, while we also advance our discussions on the best methods to attract, develop and retain the human talent the industry needs.

Vertannes said that he truly hopes that “all the key players take an interest and agree to participate at this great event,” which will be held in Vienna in September for the 12th year running.