Demystifying AI essential to empowering future workforce says Raft CTO and Co-Founder Nisarg Mehta

posted on 31st October 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Demystifying AI essential to empowering future workforce says Raft CTO and Co-Founder Nisarg Mehta
Nisarg Mehta

The future of work will see Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated seamlessly into our work routines to boost creativity, unlock productivity, and enhance our skills, but that starts with understanding its practical capabilities, said Nisarg Mehta, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of intelligent logistics platform Raft.

During his keynote speech at WESCCON, Mehta emphasized that AI’s potential extends beyond existing as a background utility, describing the technology as an everyday companion which is reshaping our understanding of productivity and work.

“Consider the convenience Alexa brings to homes, how facial recognition simplifies device access, or the way Google Maps makes navigation effortless. These examples show AI’s widespread societal role; introducing it to workplaces is merely the next logical step,” said Mehta.

While there is growing excitement around AI, Mehta highlighted the need to distinguish between its transformative potential and inflated expectations.

“Discerning the hype from reality is important. Put simply, one of the greatest values of AI is gained from its ability to amplify human capabilities,” stated Mehta.

At WESCCON on October 28th, beyond his keynote demystifying AI, Mehta joined a panel discussion delving into AI’s specific impact on logistics, providing insights into how AI is redefining and optimizing supply chain processes, particularly in the face of rising complexities and challenges impacting the industry.

“To harness AI, we must understand it deeply. Technology providers are pivotal in transforming AI from an abstract concept to an invaluable asset that paves the way for efficient, resilient, and sustainable supply chains,” said Eduardo Acosta, President, Pacific Coast Council.

Raft shows its commitment to integrating AI beneficially with its “human-in-the-loop” approach to digital solutions.