CSafe Global Launches Improved Operational Training

posted on 7th April 2020 by Eddie Saunders

CSafe Global, the innovation leader in active and passive temperature-controlled container solutions for the transport of life-enhancing pharmaceuticals, launched an improved operational training and certification program for customers today.  

With the release of the CSafe RAP in 2018 as well as a need for web-based training for some customers, CSafe has been retooling their Enhanced Qualified Users Program (EQUiP) to make it more user-friendly, applicable to both Air Cargo products and customer supporting systems to train and certify operatives handling and managing CSafe shipments.    

Tom Weir, CSafe Chief Operating Officer praised his team for their efforts. “Our product, engineering, quality and customer support teams have worked tirelessly to bring these new offerings to our clients in the most user-friendly way. The beta test group has had marvelous feedback over the last few weeks, and we are all excited to be able to offer it to the entire CSafe client base today. The timing couldn’t be much better with all on-site training now canceled in light of the current health crisis.”  

Some of the highlights of CSafe’s new EQUiP offering, include:

  • Improved digital training content
  • Training modules for the CSafe RKN, RAP and Customer Portal
  • Video demonstrations to support the written content
  • Certifications at corporate, regional and individual level
  • Simplified navigation
  • Automatic compliance reporting and training reminders
  • Downloadable and printable certificates

To learn more about the program or register for training, visit csafeglobal.com/services/equip/