COVID ‘lockdowns’ fail to stop €85 million of cargo thefts from supply chains in EMEA in 2020H1

posted on 1st October 2020 by Eddie Saunders
COVID 'lockdowns' fail to stop €85 million of cargo thefts from supply chains in EMEA in 2020H1

Across all 46 countries recording cargo crimes, Theft from Vehicle remained the most recorded type of incident with 2,179 cases. TAPA was notified of only 122 Theft from Facility crimes. 1,605 or 48.9% of freight thefts involved thieves targeting trucks in unclassified or unsecured parking locations. Other main types of locations to see criminal attacks were Destination Facility (362 incidents), En Route (197) and Services 3rd Party Facility (169).

“One of the outcomes of the COVID outbreak has been the global focus on supply chain resilience. The level of cargo crime during the lockdown will also focus the minds of companies to make their operations more secure, and TAPA is best-placed to help them with this through our highly-respected industry standards, training and incident intelligence programmes to support risk management and loss prevention. Although TAPA has very important intelligence sharing partnerships with law enforcement agencies in some of the major European countries, the overall percentage of all cargo crime reporting to our IIS database across the entire EMEA region remains only a small percentage of what we believe to be the true figure, which we estimate runs into billions of euros of losses a year. We actively encourage more police forces to work with us because incident intelligence is the most effective tool in our industry’s programme to significantly reduce cargo thefts from supply chains,” Thorsten Neumann said.