COVID ‘lockdowns’ fail to stop €85 million of cargo thefts from supply chains in EMEA in 2020H1

posted on 1st October 2020 by Eddie Saunders
COVID 'lockdowns' fail to stop €85 million of cargo thefts from supply chains in EMEA in 2020H1

Overall, for the first 182 days of 2020, TAPA’s IIS database recorded 3,278 cargo theft incidents with a total loss of €85,166,106 for the 2,154 or 65.7% of these crimes reporting a value.

Over €52 million of the 2020H1 loss total was attributed to 96 major incidents; classified as those crimes with individual losses of goods worth €100,000 or more. The average value of products stolen in these cases was €542,761.

Nine TAPA IIS product categories impacted by major crimes produced seven-figure loss totals for the six months:
• Computers/Laptops – €9,934,812
• Pharmaceuticals – €5,940,859
• No Load (Theft of truck and/or trailer) – €5,673,144
• Tobacco – €5,411,545
• Clothing & Footwear – €4,405,799
• Phones – €4,186,877
• Food & Drink – €2,987,254
• Cosmetics & Hygiene – €2,620, 317
• Sports Equipment – €1,144,805

The supply and demand nature of the black market for stolen goods prompted a noticeable spate of thefts of PPE equipment as offenders looked to cash in on one of the most sought-after products to help fight the outbreak of the coronavirus. In the biggest single loss of PPE, two million face masks and other PPE equipment valued at €5,000,000 were stolen from an Origin Facility warehouse in Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain in April. Other similar thefts included:

• Millions of respiratory masks stolen from an aviation facility in Kenya on 20 March

• 680,000 face masks stolen in the Czech Republic on 17 March

• 500,000 face masks taken from a truck in France on 7 May

• 200,000 face masks stolen from a truck at a motorway service area in Spain on 8 May

• 50,000 medical suits taken from a shipping warehouse in Turkey on 7 April

• 50,000 respirators from a Destination Facility in Cologne, Germany, on 16 March

• A shipment of hand sanitiser from a truck at a MSA in Odsmalsbron in Sweden on 6 April

• Boxes of facemasks taken from a facility in Moscow on 19 March

• Protective medical gowns and gloves from a warehouse in Bergen, Norway, on 20 March

• Protective face masks from a vehicle in Coulounieix-Chamiers in France on 18 March