Christophe Parois Appointed New Managing Director of Paris-Vatry Airport

posted on 13th November 2019 by Eddie Saunders
Christophe Parois Appointed New Managing Director of Paris-Vatry Airport

The Departmental Assembly of Marne met on Friday 8 November to approve the appointment of Mr. Christophe PAROIS as new managing director of Vatry Airport (Etablissement Public de Gestion de l’Aéroport de Vatry).

Mr. PAROIS has managed ground handling services for over 20 years, with skills in both passenger and freight management.

“I started working for forwarding agents in 1988 as a customs broker at the ports of Nantes and Saint Nazaire, managing ocean and inland freight. Then I joined the transport company TNT Express to open up new air routes in western France. When the European borders opened up in 1992, I helped develop an international network of Swissport handling branches as regional director, international project manager and charter operations manager.” PAROIS said,

“In 2009 I managed the development of Map Handling Freight, and I was responsible for senior management of GH Team Freight in 2015.

“I was very keen to join the Vatry Airport team, and it is a really motivating challenge. I know the site, its strengths and weaknesses, and my mission is to offer a different approach, which is more structured and primarily focused on diversified development connected to all economic stakeholders using international logistics services. Loaders, freight forwarders, truckers, brokers and airline companies must receive the same level of service to respond to global competing demands which are constantly changing. Our priority is to promote Vatry’s position at the heart of Europe and to support ambitious projects beyond our borders.

“Currently focused on China for the development of e-commerce freight and European hubs for passenger handling, Vatry Airport has a role to play in the market of highly specialised European airports. New agreements between major economic powers and the JEFTA, CETA and Mercosur agreements are some of the opportunities which we must seize to develop our airport hub.”