CargoTech, the one-stop-shop providing Digital Solutions to the Air Cargo Industry

posted on 21st June 2022 by Eddie Saunders
CargoTech, the one-stop-shop providing Digital Solutions to the Air Cargo Industry

CargoTech’s mission is to encourage, facilitate , and accelerate the digital  transformation of the air cargo industry.

It ambitions to be the one-stop-shop providing Digital Solutions for every Air cargo business process, and to offer best in class consultancy services to advise the various stakeholders on their digital transformation.

Going digital or upgrading existing technology can be daunting.

The air cargo industry is highly fragmented, both in terms of supply chain stakeholders, as well as available systems.

Most companies’ IT landscapes have grown from legacy systems and are often a complex patchwork of interfaces intermingled with various manual processes to bridge software limitations.

While not everything can be digitalised, there is much to be gained in terms of speed, efficiency, revenue improvement and cost reduction by adopting the right Digital Solution or improving business processes.

“Our core belief is that whatever can be digitized should not remain manual,” Cedric Millet, President of CargoTech, says.

“With CargoTech, we are bringing together cargo business experts with technology experts specialised in specific areas of air cargo.

“By doing so, CargoTech’s goal is to develop and offer the right digital solution for each and every possible air cargo business process.

“With ECS Group’s Cargo Digital Factory alongside Wiremind Cargo, CargoTech has already started to offer a variety of products that cover some very relevant transactions.

“Each company has its specific area of expertise; thus, they complement each other.”

The combination of technology experts and air cargo industry experts with that magnitude is something unique, and the variety of solutions that CargoTech will offer will literally create a one-stop-shop service to air cargo companies: CargoTech will be in a position to provide airlines, forwarders, GSAs and GHAs a with consulting service advising them on their own digital transformation or system upgrade.

The CargoTech customers will also have a single contact capable of discussing a complete end-to-end digitalisation plan, and providing these Digital Solutions.

CargoTech consists of different companies which operate separately but coordinate their activities to ensure quick deliverables and complementary products.