CargoAir Orders 11th AEI Classic Freighter Conversion

posted on 14th July 2020 by Eddie Saunders
CargoAir Orders 11th AEI Classic Freighter Conversion

Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI) has announced the company has signed a contract to provide Bulgaria-based CargoAir with a B737-400SF freighter conversion. The aircraft (MSN 28882) is scheduled to commence modification in mid-September 2020. All modification touch labor will be performed by Commercial Jet at their Dothan, Alabama facility.

“CargoAir is a long-time and highly valued customer of AEI’s,” said Robert Convey, AEI Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The airline currently operates 3 AEI B737-300SF and 7 AEI B737-400SF freighters.”

“AEI and CargoAir have had a successful partnership dating back to 2009,” said Mr. Angel Petrov, CargoAir Ground Operations & Commercial Director and Purchase & Fleet Acquisitions Director. “We appreciate the strong collaboration between our companies, and firmly believe in the capabilities of AEI and their authorized AEI Conversion Center, Commercial Jet.”

AEI’s B737-400SF shall provide CargoAir with a highly flexible Ancra CLS capable of carrying multiple ULD’s including:

  • (10) 88”x125” ULDs in P1 to P10 or
  • (10) 88”x108” in P1 to P10 and
  • (1) 53”x88”x64” Pallet or AEP/AEH or 60.4”x61.5” AKE/LD3 or 61.5”x88”x56”H AYY in P11

This unique flexibility has been designed by AEI to allow cargo operators to immediately adapt to multiple ULD configurations at a moment’s notice.  When combined with proven reliability, the AEI Converted B737-400SF will allow CargoAir to keep their aircraft – “In the air, generating revenue”.