cargo-partner opens new offices and expands across different regions

posted on 19th July 2019 by Justin Burns
cargo-partner opens new offices and expands across different regions

International transport and info-logistics provider cargo-partner opened its first office in Melbourne, Australia on 15 July and has also grown its presence in other regions of the globe.

In Melbourne, cargo-partner provides a range of air, sea, road transport, contract logistics, customs and other value-added services.

The logistics provider also opened and office in Dubai, UAE, and in the process it added another country to its network of agent liaison and key account support offices.

In addition, cargo-partner said it is solidifying its existing presence in Austria and Malaysia.

In Malaysia, the company has taken up operations with a sales and customer service office in Penang in addition to its existing office in Kuala Lumpur, which was established in 2011.

In the UAE, cargo-partner has opened a non-operative agents’ liaison and key account support office in Dubai to better serve the needs of agents and clients in the region.

In Austria, to strengthen its position in the west of the country, cargo-partner will open a new office in Wolfurt in the most western Austrian province of Vorarlberg in August.

The company said it is “fully on track” with its international growth agenda, in parallel to strenghtening its contract logistics network with new warehouses around the world.

The company’s chief executive officer, Stefan Krauter said: “Following our strategy of organic growth we are expanding our coverage within the countries where we are already established, like recently in China’s hinterland, Malaysia or Western Austria.

“Our new set-up in Dubai will serve the development of our global agents’ network within the Gulf area and Sub-Sahara Africa.

“It will also support some of our global key accounts, our partner carriers and add great value to our service quality delivered through agents in this area. In Australia we have been successful for many years, so we decided to enter this market with our own organization.”