Cargo iQ announces new Executive Director and 2022 strategy

posted on 14th October 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Cargo iQ announces new Executive Director and 2022 strategy
Lothar Moehle

Cross-stakeholder air cargo organization Cargo iQ has named Lothar Moehle as its new Executive Director, attendees at the organization’s virtual press conference heard today.

Moehle brings over four decades of experience in the air cargo and logistics sectors, including senior positions at UPS and DB Schenker.

He was also one of the founding fathers of Cargo 2000, the original name for Cargo iQ when it was launched in 1997.

“Cargo iQ is one of the few organizations in the industry with all stakeholders working together on transparency, visibility and quality improvement, and I join the leadership team as we look to drive the organization in new directions, to achieve our ultimate goal of a quality-driven global supply chain,” said Moehle.

“The last 18 months have taught us, more than ever, to embrace digitalization for a seamless and transparent supply chain.

“Collaboration is key to us achieving that as an industry, and Cargo iQ provides a vital platform to achieve that collaboration.”

Joined by Cargo iQ Chair Henrik Ambak and Vice-Chair Kerstin Strauss, the Cargo iQ board also announced their renewed vision for Cargo iQ in 2022.

“In 2021 the Cargo iQ management team and working groups have been busy laying the groundwork for the organization, and 2022 will focus on the implementation work, collaborating directly with members and sharing best practices,” said Henrik Ambak, Senior Vice President Cargo Operations Worldwide, Emirates.

Under their renewed vision, Cargo iQ will be helping members to achieve five key objectives, starting with 100% reporting, to ensure ‘one version of the truth’ from end to end of the Master Operating Plan (MOP).