Brussels Airport: Air freight continues to grow

posted on 11th August 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Brussels Airport: Air freight continues to grow

At Brussels Airport freight volumes continued to see impressive growth in July (+34% year on year), thanks to the increased demand for air freight capacity, a trend which is set to continue over the coming months.

The growth in air freight (+32%) is continuing across the three segments, i.e. full freighter (+26%), integrator services (+16%), but also on board passenger flights (+155%) because of the increase in the number of passenger flights.

In this last segment, however, volumes remain 28% lower than for July 2019.

Brussels Airport is once again seeing growth in the full cargo segment across almost all existing

New routes from Asia are a major contributor to this steady growth. Asia remains the most important region, followed by North America and Africa.

The transport of Covid-19 vaccines to and from Brussels Airport is continuing, with over 210
million vaccines processed at the airport to date.


The number of cargo flights (full cargo & express services) is slightly higher in July 2021
compared to July 2020 (+7%).

The number of flights operated by passenger aircraft used to carry freight only reduced slightly from month to month, due primarily to the resumption of regular passenger flights.

In July, they still accounted for one-third of full cargo flights.