Bolloré Logistics UK is participate in the 4th edition of Marathon Day

posted on 2nd October 2019 by Eddie Saunders
Bolloré Logistics UK is participate in the 4th edition of Marathon Day

On Thursday, September 26, 2019, 112 employees of international transport and logistics company BOLLORÉ across 7 UK sites took part in the 4th edition of Marathon Day.

This internal sporting event was created by Cyrille Bolloré, CEO of the Bolloré Group, in 2016 to raise every year funds for charity organisations. 

“It was great to join so many colleagues from Bolloré Heathrow, participating and sharing the experience of Marathon Day.

“It was nice to feel gloriously British as we continued throughout the rain showers, but also, through social media, to be able to follow colleagues from around the world, doing similar things under different skies, but following the very same values” – David Smith CEO Bolloré Logistics UK 

This year, 112 employees completed the 5-kilometre run across the UK. For each registration, three euros are donated to a charity organisation.

The Group, which supports young people through its sponsorship programs, has decided this year to support SOS Villages d’Enfants, as it did last year.   

For over 60 years, SOS Villages d’Enfants has supported children whose family situations have forced them to be housed elsewhere. It allows siblings to grow up together in a family-like environment, supported by an educational and effective long-lasting relationship in link with a family educator (the “SOS mother”).

Beyond its mission to host children, it also develops programs to promote access to education, professional training and healthcare. Furthermore, it works to strengthen family ties and prevent abandonment. 

“The wonderful thing about the Bollore Marathon Day is the energy that manifests itself across the entire company. 

“All of us undertaking the same challenge in different locations around the globe. 

“Whether it is the Bollore Heathrow team puffing through puddles under the flight path of inbound aircraft, or our colleagues in Barcelona in the Ramblas or Nigeria running around Tin Can Island – whilst we are all giving our time and efforts for a common charitable cause – it makes me proud and puts a smile on my face”  – Richard Myers, Head of Front Office, Bolloré Logistics UK