Bollore Logistics opens new aerospace hub in Hamburg

posted on 30th April 2019 by Justin Burns
Bollore Logistics opens new aerospace hub in Hamburg

Bollore Logistics has opened a new dedicated aerospace warehouse in the city of Hamburg.

This new aerospace hub is strategically located next to the port of Hamburg and a few kilometers from the production sites of the major aircraft manufacturers and OEM suppliers.

Bollore said the direct access to the motorway network, parts can be transported in 5 to 10 minutes at the foot of the production lines.  The state-to-the-art facility was built in 2018 in accordance with the international environmental standards.

This highly secure Hamburg warehouse has a set of surveillance and intervention systems: CCTV, 32 surveillance cameras, access control system on the eight accesses of the intrusion detection system site. 

This 2sd implantation in Hamburg has an area of 7,000 square metres. It constitutes an additional link within the Bolloré Logistics’ global Aerospace network.

It comes as a complement to a network already in place allowing the company to be present in the strategic cities, with modern facilities all located close to airport, maritime infrastructures and aerospace production plants. 

In Europe, the new infrastructure reinforces a network already well established thanks to its aerospace hubs of Toulouse, Marseille, Paris, London Heathrow, Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid. 

Bolloré Logistics’ global aerospace network has now 1,200 experts in 100 countries around the world, 24 sites for 150,000 square metres of total storage area.