B&H Worldwide further expands with new presence in Brisbane

posted on 2nd October 2023 by Eddie Saunders
B&H Worldwide further expands with new presence in Brisbane

B&H Worldwide, a renowned leader in aerospace logistics, has expanded its footprint in the Oceania region by inaugurating a new office in Brisbane, Australia.

Strategically situated in close proximity to the capital of Queensland state’s airport, this facility marks a significant step in bringing the B&H team closer to both their existing and prospective clientele.

The state of Queensland is a pivotal growth hub for aviation, with its airport holding the distinction of being the largest in Australia in terms of land size.

Serving as a primary import and export hub for the region, the airport’s prominence makes Brisbane an ideal location for B&H Worldwide’s latest venture.

The company’s specialized aerospace business is experiencing rapid growth throughout the Oceania region, and the establishment of a third location in Australia is poised to enhance their ability to meet escalating customer demands.

Colin Kaltner, leading the charge for B&H Worldwide in Oceania, emphasized the importance of delivering the distinctive B&H touch to their services for optimal customer satisfaction.

As customer requests for a B&H presence in Brisbane continue to rise, the timing is opportune for the company to respond with the opening of a new location.

This strategic move not only improves B&H Worldwide’s reach across Australia but also represents a significant investment in Brisbane, reinforcing their commitment to handling specialist aerospace logistics requirements with unparalleled precision and adherence to their exacting standards.

image credit: B&H Worldwide