BCUBE takes majority stake in Zeroquattro Logistica

posted on 17th June 2019 by Justin Burns
BCUBE takes majority stake in Zeroquattro Logistica

BCUBE and Granarolo SpA have signed an agreement which came into effect from 1 May and saw BCUBE take a majority stake in Zeroquattro Logistica.

The Italian company said the milestone strengthens BCUBE’s growth path in the food and beverage sector, which has already been underway for some time, and accelerated in 2015 thanks to the entry into the capital of Zeroquattro Logistica.

The operation it added had an “important impact on the entire sector, with the intervention of a highly competent player, characterized by a strategic international presence and marked by its solid know-how in the field of integrated logistics”, developed in over 70 years of experience.

“BCUBE’s objective is to consolidate its position in the Food & Beverage sector, through an increase in skills and the expansion of the offer of solutions and services. In this sense, the majority transfer to Zeroquattro Logistica Srl, already planned in 2015, represents, in addition to being an important investment, a fundamental element of our growth strategy.

“The extension of the operation to Calabria, recently approved, was presented as another opportunity that will allow Zeroquattro Logistica to become the only operator on the national market to be able to have a direct temperature-controlled network,” said Luigi Bonzano, vice president of BCUBE.

“The operation, in line with Granarolo’s industrial strategy, will allow the Group to focus more on development plans in Italy and abroad,” added Gianpiero Calzolari, president of the group.