BARIG supports ‘logistics heroes’ campaign in Germany

posted on 9th November 2018 by Justin Burns
BARIG supports 'logistics heroes' campaign in Germany

The Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG) has thrown its weight behind the national image campaign in Germany entitled ‘logistics heroes’ as said the logistics sector is “greatly underestimated in public discourse”.

BARIG said the logistics industry is the third largest economic field in Germany and the launched initiative ‘Economic drivers’ draws increased attention to the logistics sector.

The Frankfurt-based association represents the interests of around 100 national and international airlines operating in Germany – Europe’s biggest logistics market.

BARIG secretary general, Michael Hoppe said: “Our airlines from the areas cargo, passenger and charter as well as our Business Partners are major components of the logistics industry in Germany and also worldwide.

“Skilled personnel, innovative concepts, digitization and modern structures are contemporarily discussed topics in air traffic. For this reason, we are strongly engaged in this campaign for an improved image and increased acknowledgement of the importance of the national logistics sector, which meanwhile records over 3 million employees, to the German economy.”

Hoppe added: ”On posters, advertisements, internet sites and social media channels our ‘logistics heroes’, who are friendly employees from various parts of the logistics sector, present their professionality, motivation and daily performance through clear statements and facts. We are looking forward to a great campaign and hope for positive feedback from our potential future ‘logistics heroes’.”