Avianca Cargo starts freighter route between Bogota and Brussels

posted on 21st November 2018 by Justin Burns
Avianca Cargo starts freighter route between Bogota and Brussels

Colombian carrier Avianca Cargo this week operated its maiden Airbus A330-200 Freighter flight from Bogota Airport to Brussels Airport in Belgium.

The move is part of the airline’s strategy to connect cargo between the South American and European continents, and is focused principally on the flower industry’s due to the close access of Brussels to Amsterdam but the movement of other perishables is a priority.

Avianca Cargo executive vice president of business units, Gerardo Grajales said: “The main purpose of this operation is to continue supporting the expansion of the flower industry and other perishable products in Latin America.”

He added it also to offer cargo transportation for its customers in Europe and Asia to Latin America through the carrier’s connection centre in Miami.

“South America is still an underserved market to and from Brussels,” says Brussels Airport head of cargo and logistics, Steven Polmans. “We are really pleased to welcome Avianca Cargo and the opportunity we can offer to our market with increased connectivity and capacity for pharmaceuticals, automotive and other commodities from our region to Miami, Colombia and the rest of South America.”