Avianca Cargo First Airline in the Americas to be IATA CEIV Fresh Certified

posted on 14th October 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Avianca Cargo First Airline in the Americas to be IATA CEIV Fresh Certified

Avianca Cargo has announced that is the first airline in the Americas to achieve the IATA CEIV Fresh certification for the transport of perishable goods.

Gabriel Oliva Avianca Cargo chief executive: “At Avianca Cargo, we are constantly seeking to operate under the highest quality standards in each process we carry out, this is a highly relevant milestone and today we are very proud to receive this certification from IATA, Miami International Airport, and all our allies who are a fundamental part of the supply chain of perishable transport.

“We continue transforming our business and we want to continue being the best ally of our clients by transporting their products that are sensitive to time and temperature, under the highest quality standards.”

Avianca achieved this certification through risk and quality management, highly trained personnel for handling perishable goods, active collaboration, transparent communication, and a standardized approach to the transportation of perishable goods.

Peter Cerdá, vice president, regional Americas, IATA: “Air cargo plays a very important role for the economies in the region. In many countries, agricultural exports contribute significantly to the socio-economic development.

“Almost 70% of all goods shipped via airfreight between Latin America and North America consist of perishable products.

“Without the cooperation and collaboration of companies in the cold chain, and without harmonised global guidelines and standards followed by all, the risks of something going wrong are quite high.

“The industry has recognised this challenge and the benefits of this certification, that’s why we congratulate Avianca Cargo for taking this step and obtaining its CEIV Fresh Certification.”

The official presentation of the certificate took place during an event at Avianca Cargo’s facilities in Miami.