Atlas LTA develops the new generation of airships

posted on 8th December 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Atlas LTA develops the new generation of airships

The Greener Alternative to the Existing Transportation Systems:

Gennadiy Verba CEO and Founder: “The airships being developed by Atlas have a number of advantages in comparison to any aircraft and sometimes even before ground transportation. First, that is a low cost per ton-kilometer. But most important, much lower greenhouse gas emissions: 30-40% less than the most effective airplanes and 5-7 times less than the best heavy helicopters. And that is only the beginning – our electric powertrain enables us to reach zero emission within the next 7-8 years, much faster than other flight vehicles of the comparable size.  Capable to operate in the most difficult weather conditions ATLANT sometimes is a good alternative to land transportation by tracks, which requires ice roads open only at wintertime in countries like Russia or Canada”.

Verba explains that ATLANTs can take off vertically, connecting any places point-to-point just like a helicopter or drone, but capable to carry much larger cargo to much longer distances at the way much lower cost.

Electric Sightseeing Airship:

While ATLANT is the company’s flagship project, that is expected to turn into reality in 4 to 5 years, Atlas is expected to present its first electric airship, which will take tourists to the sky in about 2 years. This airship named Atlas-11 designed for 19 people (2 crew members and 17 passengers). The aerial tours on this aircraft are the most pleasant experience, since the flight is uniquely stable and quiet, the windows are large, and the seats provide the first-class accommodation. Although the Atlas-11 looks like a conventional blimp, it is an important step toward ATLANT due to the innovative electric powertrain on board. 

Yaron Bul, one of the owners and the man in charge of the business development in Atlas LTA: “Our sightseeing airships will make the sky tours more affordable and comfortable ever. Besides the obvious business aspects this gorgeous aircraft will promote the important idea of the green flight.”