ASL Airlines Belgium has commissioned Jettainer to manage its ULDs.

posted on 21st October 2019 by Eddie Saunders
ASL Airlines Belgium has commissioned Jettainer to manage its ULDs.

The leading international service partner for outsourced ULD management will therefore take over the global control and maintenance of the entire ULD fleet: the contract covers a period of five years.

“Putting huge emphasis on the proper handling of ULDs as well as training and qualifying the staff adequately is the key influencing factor to prevent damages from happening. In this way, it is possible to save repair costs and keep the assets in service,” explains Frank Mühlenkamp, Director Global Operations at Jettainer.

ASL Airlines Belgium’s existing fleet of ULDs consists of approximately 1,500 units and these are utilised across an extensive European network and on flights to the US, China and the Middle East.

“The key aspect of our outsource plan was to find a provider that could give us absolute reliability so that our global clients continue to receive the first-class service they expect from ASL Airlines Belgium.” commented Marc Bollinne, Managing Director of ASL Airlines Belgium.

“With Jettainer, we found the ideal partner to increase the efficiency of ULD handling with additional financial and ecological improvements. The mix of Jettainer’s many years of experience, innovative management technologies and global presence convinced us,”