Anchorage International Airport sees record setting 3.48 million tons of air cargo in 2020

posted on 11th February 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Anchorage International Airport sees record setting 3.48 million tons of air cargo in 2020

ANC is cementing its place as The Center of the Air Cargo World, just 9.5 hours from 90% of the industrialized world, more than 200 widebody freighter operations take place every day.

At least 28 widebody cargo carriers connect ANC to more than 50 destinations across the globe—30 of them daily and another 20 destinations with a frequency of weekly or better.

“We continue to grow the benefits of utilizing ANC for our existing cargo customers, and to attract new customers. We have more than $1-billion of private air cargo development proposed for ANC, Alaska Cargo and Cold Storage recently executed a lease for their new 700,000 square foot facility,” adds Szczesniak.

“These developments will provide the infrastructure to streamline the global supply chain and make ANC a staple in the cold chain. These warehouse facilities will provide cargo carriers, freight forwarders, pharmaceutical, and other industry partners infrastructure required to leverage ANC’s strategic location and liberalized cargo transfer rights to consolidate cargo shipments here and ship nearer to the end customer, thereby limiting time en route.”

“An advanced cold storage facility adjacent to aircraft parking positions will allow shippers to take advantage of the significant volumes of cargo capacity available to Asia. Perishables from North America and South America can be dispatched from here to numerous destinations in Asia.”

“Wild-caught seafood, late season peonies, and other Alaskan exports will also benefit from the conduit created by these storage facilities to the global markets.”

ANC looks to further cargo advantages with the coupling of newly received passenger transfer rights. In November, the U.S. DOT granted ANC passenger transfer rights mirroring the already granted cargo transfer rights.

Szczesniak says, “there is a substantial revenue opportunity for passenger airlines to utilize ANC. For example, India to the Westcoast of North America nonstop has a significant belly cargo weight penalty—a stop at ANC eliminates that penalty and allows for more than $70,000 in additional cargo revenue for each flight.”

Photo by Rob Stapleton/Alaskafoto