Amazon Air is scales back its operations in Europe

posted on 10th July 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Amazon Air is scales back its operations in Europe

Amazon Air is scaling back its operations in Europe, reducing the number of flights it completes after a period of rapid expansion.

The company introduced its European flights in 2020, primarily utilizing Boeing 737-800 freighters operated by ASL Airlines.

However, Amazon has confirmed that flight numbers are now being reduced, although it assures customers that this will not impact delivery times.

Amazon’s decision to decrease flights in Europe aligns with its strategy of expanding its European fulfillment network.

The company aims to optimize its footprint by placing inventory closer to customers, thereby reducing the reliance on air transportation for product distribution.

While there has been a reduction in flights with ASL Airlines, it appears that the aircraft operator is still involved in operating flights on behalf of Amazon.

According to the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development, Amazon Air’s air cargo operations in Europe saw a significant increase, with an average of 38 daily flights in March 2022 compared to 18 daily flights in August 2021.

This includes flights operated by ASL Airlines as well as non-Amazon aircraft operated by partners.

ASL Airlines declined to comment on its specific business with Amazon but did mention a reduction in pilot numbers in Germany.

The company stated that it is adjusting its operations and pilot support based on the requirements of its cargo customers.

Currently, ASL Airlines operates nine B737-800 freighters on behalf of Amazon, according to Fleet website Planespotters.

While the reduction in flights may signal a shift in Amazon’s European air cargo operations, the company continues to evaluate and refine its network to ensure fast and reliable delivery to customers.

Amazon remains committed to providing a seamless delivery experience for its customers in the region.