ALHA Group launches new pharma dolly – CoolBox

posted on 8th November 2018 by Justin Burns
ALHA Group launches new pharma dolly - CoolBox

ALHA Group has presented CoolBox in Milan today – a new refrigerated dolly for controlled-temperature ramp handling and transportation for pharmaceuticals and temperature-sensitive goods.

CoolBox is an innovative refrigerated equipment and ALHA said that it represents the best performing cool dolly in the industry, both in terms of operational flexibility and capacity.

The range of CoolBox currently available in Alha Malpensa provides a double standard: CoolBox1, with a capacity of one lower deck unit and the bigger brother CoolBox2, with a capacity of two main deck units.

Both CoolBox1 and CoolBox2 are equipped with double opening on both sides, in order to guarantee operational flexibility and greater efficiency.

Temperature setting is guaranteed between -20°C and +30°C, with the capability to maintain the product temperature, even when the engine is off, more than 60 minutes with an external temperature of 30°C.

Each CoolBox has entered the operational fleet only after a period of operational trial and temperature mapping; every CoolBox is equipped with real time wireless monitoring and key performance indicators are recorded automatically.

The pharma industry has been the core of several investments for Alha Group in recent years, a development plan aimed at guaranteeing total control over the process from the aircraft to the delivery warehouse and vice versa.

Alha Pharma Network operates two main airport cargo terminals in Milan Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino, 12 off-airport warehouses and 1000+ truck connections per week.

The presentation of CoolBox in Malpensa was attended by more than 150 air cargo industry professionals and was also the chance for Alha Group to present a first-year evaluation of ramp handling activities in Milan.

Alha Group chief executive officer, Lorenzo Schettini said: “With our decision to extend the offer in Malpensa with ramp handling services, in 2017, we have accepted an industrial challenge charged with responsibility and important investments in terms of facilities, staff and equipment.

“On 14 October we proudly started ramp handling services in Malpensa for Cathay Pacific Cargo. Today, one year after the first turnaround was completed by our Ramp Team, a lot has changed in our organisation: we have drastically expanded and improved our GSE fleet, we have established our internal training academy and we have introduced our brand new CoolBox.

“We are very satisfied with the performances achieved and we now feel confident to open to the market, as we can guarantee our capability to efficiently assist other all-cargo airlines in MXP.

“Our Group has always believed in service innovation and the attention to the pharmaceutical product has long been central to our business plans: our brand new CoolBox is now a further step on a path that we have started 3 years ago with IATA CEIV Pharma certification and is still in progress.”