Airfreight Pharma 2023: Supply chain solutions

posted on 21st September 2023 by William Hallowell
Airfreight Pharma 2023: Supply chain solutions

One of the major topics that featured at this year’s Airfreight Pharma conference was supply chain reforms.

Damien de Chillaz, CEO of Katal X, a company which describes itself as “the next generation supply chain visibility platform”, works with the air pharma industry to improve its supply chain.

He gave a brief overview of his company’s work and his background:

“[Katal X] is focused on supply chain visibility and collaboration, we bring it together [and] think it’s key to not to create an additional silo between visibility and collaboration. And it’s all about trusted analystics as well.

“I used to be a banker and spent 10 years in New York and I escaped from that, I got bored of banking, and I joined Capgemini in 2016 and was the accounts executive for insurance.

“The CEO of Capgemini asked us to look at the block chain at the pique of the hype and they essentially said ‘what does it mean for B-to-B (business-to-business) companies.

“So I took the lead on that for Capgemini for five years, especially the banking side. But how you share information about banks who hate each other but need to share the ‘passports’ to the CEOs? …

“How do you manage the trusted sharing of data, sharing information on a need to know basis, which is very relevant to [the air pharma industry]?

“How do you share information about freight forwarders and ground handlers on a need to know basis?

“And then came this beautiful paper by Sunray before the [Coronavirus] vaccine, and I read that and thought ‘wow, there’s such a break between visibility and collaboration’.

“There’s such a gap that I think it’s worth investigating. I left Capgemini, raised funds and set up Katal X.

“So the whole thing is about bringing together visibility and collaboration [and] high fidelity data.”

Damien added in his talk that he believes the two are vital to the air pharma industry to ensure its supply chain remains efficient.