Air India signs up for Unisys integrated logistics platform

posted on 30th July 2019 by Justin Burns
Air India signs up for Unisys integrated logistics platform

Air India has signed up to the Unisys Digistics integrated logistics software as it looks to create a connected and automated cargo ecosystem for consistent and accurate data across the organization.

The next-generation system will leverage advanced analytics to integrate air waybill data with accounting system for prompt, accurate billing and better cash flow.

Unisys said the software covers booking to accounting, helps improve cash flow for the airline while creating greater transparency around shipment status for the airline’s cargo clients.

Air India’s freight operations cover a network of 82 domestic and 41 international destinations and executive director for cargo, Nirbhik Narang said the airline’s cargo business is growing fast.

He explained that it signed up for software as it needed an “integrated solution with the speed and flexibility” to grow business and provide customers with faster deliveries and greater visibility into their shipments.

“Unisys is helping us implement a next-generation cargo platform that uses automated real-time data collection and processing to streamline processes. As it is integrated with our accounting system it will enable prompt and accurate invoicing for carriage of cargo for better credit control, less bad debts and ultimately more cash flow,” added Narang.

Under the new contract, signed in the second quarter of 2019, the platform will feature three additional Digistics modules on a software-as-a-service basis to streamline freight management and improve operational efficiencies. These are Digi-Accounting, Digi-Mobile and Digi-Analytics.

In addition, Unisys will provide a postal mail and parcel shipment scanning and tracking solution to allow the airline and customers to have full visibility of shipment progress.

Unisys Asia Pacific vice president and general manager, Rick Mayhew said Air India’s new connected cargo ecosystem will propel it to the forefront of the cargo industry’s modernisation and transformation to a connected cargo supply chain.

He added that it will not only improve transparency for the airline’s customers, it will streamline processes and improve credit control and cash flow.